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In Kemerovo in a supermarket have withdrawn dangerous baby food

Kemerovchanin has bought in one of large shops of a city baby food. Before that to feed the child has decided to look at a label. Also has been shocked: working life has expired for a long time!   the man was converted at once into department on struggle against offences in sphere of the consumer market of the Department of Internal Affairs Kemerovo. Militiamen have spent control purchase. By it it has been sold two packings of the delayed syrup, also on them there was no also a bar code without which the cashier could not punch the goods in cash desk. Then the representative of shop, has brought the similar goods, but already with a bar code. With its help has beaten out the check. After check of all assortment of a children`s syrup of the given stamp it was revealed six bottles with the expired working life which stood on regiments mixed up with suitable the goods. How much all has been sold the delayed children`s syrup, it was not possible to establish.

As have told in a press - service of the Department of Internal Affairs of the city, all delayed production has been withdrawn. At present - to the cashier of the given enterprise accusations have been brought to the commodity researcher and the seller. To the commodity researcher   accusations under article " are now brought; Sale of the goods, performance of works or rendering to the population of services of inadequate quality and to the seller-cashier - under article the Deceit of consumers . Representatives of a supermarket are threatened with fines.