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More often inhabitants of Volgograd complain on « left » mobile phones and a communal flat

As well as last years, most of all in past   inhabitants of Volgograd complained   on trade. Judge,   into city committee on protection of the rights of consumers were converted 7 thousand the inhabitants of Volgograd dissatisfied with the purchases. And it together with insignificant quantity of references on a public catering - 69 % of complaints (!)

- basically consumers came with complaints to poor-quality home appliances, cellular telephones. Also inhabitants of Volgograd are dissatisfied with quality of furniture, - Sergey Loskutov, the chief of department of committee on protection of the rights of consumers of administration of Volgograd tells .  

With big   a separation on the second place in a rating of discontent of a consumer demand - utilities. For work of public utilities 12,7 % from total number of complaints have arrived. Approximately as much it was necessary on a share of household services - 12, 3 % are not happy with work of the service centres, home appliances repair, furniture manufacturing to order and other. On a share of tourist services 1 % from total number of references has had, for a year of travel agencies have complained 40 - 45 persons.

- Experts have noticed that in 2009 much more people were converted with complaints to bank services: Change of interest rates and poor-quality informing of employees of bank, - Sergey Viktorovich continues. - Earlier we did not count up number of references on banks separately, they go in the list - other services . But if so will go and in 2010 it is necessary to allocate them in a separate category.