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In Elansky garrison of the recruit beat on a head a stool

Yesterday, on January, 18th, in parents ekaterinburzhtsa Ivan Ljashevsky were converted behind the help. They are afraid that the son who now is in hospital, again will send in Elansky garrison.

- I when was in a part, have asked officers: How wash the son will return to this hell from which its miracle possible to pull out? Who will provide to it security and guarantees what beatings will not proceed with new force? . And to me have responded: we can promise nothing, - Ivan Victor`s father is indignant. -   moreover, officers have hinted me that if my son will commit suicide, they will write off this all on accident! And those sergeants that beat him, to dismiss they do not gather.

From Victor Ljashevsky`s story it becomes terrible, so the beautiful phrase about a soldier`s duty is conceived in other light - as the army statement on the right to sacrifice thy child.

- And after all Vanja wanted to minister. It has ended school on the mechanic and has told to me in the autumn: be not stirred, the father, I will be arranged with the driver, I will be, as cheese in butter to go for a drive, - Victor Ljashevsky remembers. - But there was all not so. Have called Vanju on December, 2nd, and the fifth it already was in Elani. And there it has not passed medical board. Doctors have found out that at it ploskostopie the second degree. Therefore it also has not got in uchebku. Have rejected it, but home have not sent.

Ivan have sent in companies so-called wretches that is not suitable for training on physical parametres. And there just prospered dedovshchina. The recruits who not in time yet to take the oath, sergeants mercilessly beat. Especially in mockeries, according to Victor, Korneyev differed the fighter on a surname.

- the Son still called to me in the beginning of December and asked: Fathers, you where have sent me? It not army, and prison any! - Victor Ljashevsky tells. - I have found out that boys in this company not only beat. Soldiers there slept on two, on three on one bed, places simply did not suffice all.

And then Ivan Ljashevsky has run away from a part together with one more tell-tale. On a line of fugitives have returned back in a company and have started to beat stools and a metal lath from a bed. Sergeants - torturers have broken to Ivan an eyebrow, some times with force having struck unfortunate on a head. Only when Ivan`s father has arrived to a part, officers have allowed to translate the mutilated soldier in district military hospital.

Now upon not authorised relations inspectors of military Office of Public Prosecutor inspect. Guilty are not established yet and are not punished. And Ivan Ljashevsky should komissovat from army on a state of health. Here only for this purpose, as officers convince, it should return to that part where at it mocked. Parents of the tell-tale categorically against it.