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In Chelyabinsk disturbing buttons it is more

than Them it became visible from apart - the big orange buttons attached to street lampposts. Such it - a line, direct communication with militia, works round the clock. The disturbing signal arrives to crew PPS, and by rules, on a scene of crime guards should appear in a few minutes.

Now safety communication devices are in all disctricts of the city. By the way, all buttons are under video observation.

Kalininsky area

- the Crossroads of street of Tchitcherin and so forth Victories (at TK the Mine )
- the Stop of public transport at shop the Mine (street br. Kashirinyh, 99)
- TK Europe - Asia (street of Kirov, 74)
- a stop of public transport at Teplotehnichesky institute (a crossroads of street of Kirov and so forth Victories)

Kurchatovsky area

- the Crossroads of Sverdlovsk and Komsomol prospectuses
- Square on street Molodogvardejtsev

Lenin area

- the Crossroads of street Dzerzhinsky and Gagarin`s street (street Dzerzhinsky, 102, at the Museum of warriors - internationalists
- TK Andreevsky (Gagarin`s street, 4)
- a drugstore Classics (Gagarin`s street, 62)

Metallurgical area

- a cinema Russia 9. Bogdana Khmelnitskiy, 14
- a public transport stop the Central club (street Highway of Metallurgists, 39)

the Soviet area

- a public transport stop Railway station - TK Sinegore (to the right of the central input in TK Sinegore from the area near the station)
- Gorsad it. Of A.S.Pushkin (the central part, at a city skating rink from a fountain)
- a street N crossroads. Kovshovoj and Kaliningrad

Traktorozavodsky area

- the Crossroads of streets of Heroes of Tankograda and so forth Komarova ( the Victory Garden )
- the Supermarket East (street Mum`s, the house 15)
- TK the Tower (street Saljutnaja, the house 27)
- the Komsomol area (street Bitter 1)

the Central area

- the Crossroads of streets Dovatora and Thieves` (from an input in square)
- PKiO of Gagarin (the central part, an input in a wood zone around a tennis court and skiing lodge, park administrations)
- Square at Organnogo of a hall on the Scarlet field (around night club Monte - Karlo and Organnogo of a hall)
- DS the Youth (the Sverdlovsk prospectus, the house 51)