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Zabajkalets kept the nephew, having put to its throat a glass splinter

the Assistant to the public prosecutor of edge Bair Dorzhiev has confirmed the bill of particulars concerning the inhabitant of settlement Chernyshevsk Viktora Karamnova. Him accuse of capture and deduction of the juvenile hostage.

at Night on August, 7th last year the young man has in a state of intoxication come back home, where were his mother and 3 - h the summer nephew. Here it has started to stick to it with a question on a site of any horses which, ostensibly, has resulted in a house fencing. The woman, in eyes not seeing on a farmstead of any animals, has tried to calm the son, but that got excited more and more and began to pose threat for members of household.

Mother, being afraid for itself and the grandson, has decided to leave with it the house from a sin far away to neighbours, but already in a court yard Karamnov has caught up with both. It has taken away from mother of the child, has run home and was closed inside. The woman begged the son to return it the grandson, but the guy has flatly refused.

the Woman had to call militia.

Having seen through a window the approached patrol car, Karamnov has put on a window sill of the kid, has put a splinter of glass to his neck and has demanded from police officers to leave a fencing of the house and not to detain him. The negotiations proceeding more of two hours, have not given positive result. All this time Karamnov kept the kid in a window, threatening to kill him if police officers do not fulfil the demands made by his.

Militiamen with support of neighbours managed to get into the house and force to take away from the malefactor of the child. Karamnov has been detained and on a judgement is taken into custody.

Criminal case is directed for consideration to Transbaikalian regional court. The criminal code of the Russian Federation provides for fulfilment of the given crime punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term from 6 till 15 years.

In the 20 years Victor already was repeatedly we judge for thefts, destruction or damage of another`s property, robberies as a part of a group of persons with violence application, numerous illegal acquisition and storage of narcotics. - being conditionally deprived of freedom and being in expectation of the next sentence of court (Session passed on August, 27th, 2009), it has not followed a correction way, and continued to drink and to conduct an immoral way of life, - speak in a press - service of regional Office of Public Prosecutor.