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The governor White to itself has lowered the salary

Nikita Belyh`s Trick against shocking expenditure of state officials looks simply madly. Today the liberal - the governor has introduced in Legislative Assembly of the Kirov region the bill About the monetary maintenance of the Governor of the Kirov region N.Ju.Belyh and to itself has established the salary - 4330 roubles. It is is minimum admissible size of payment in Russia.

Thus that the living wage in the Kirov region in II quarter 2009 has made 4817 roubles. Things are easy - the bill deputies of Legislative Assembly should sign puzzled lihostju the governor.

Lower the salary to other people I under the Russian legislation I can not, but I can establish the minimum salary to myself, - explains such sharp reduction of state expenses on ljubimomgo Nikita Belyh in the ZHZH belyh. livejournal. com.

- this step, to the general - that, continuation of my actions in 2009. I want, that people understood - I am interested in the end result of my work by the governor in the Kirov region. In 4 years I will be 39 years old - and continuation of my working career (I do not exclude that in the Kirov region) depends on what I will achieve. I do not create in Kirov for myself a pension fund. I am ready to refuse any personal blessings for the sake of interests of development of region. I have sold office Lexus - and I go by the car, I finance at the expense of the means projects in the Kirov region (among which and working out of new strategy for region), I pay for the residing at state residences.

It is necessary to tell, White - the person not poor. Its income, according to declaration officially submitted the governor for 2008 has made 72,9 million roubles. Basically White has earned on sale of real estate and securities.

Nikita Belyh posesses the house the area of 345 sq. metres on a site of 7 hundred parts in Moscow Region, two apartments (173 and 44 sq. Metre), a garage part in Perm (apartments and garage Belyhu have got after death of the father) and two Toyotas Land Cruiser. One of them White uses as the office car.

the Governor understands that reduction of own salary by some can be understood as simple populism.

- But, first, - explains White, is a decision has important ethical and pedagogical aspect. When I charge to the regional power or I suggest municipal to save - I can safely look people in the face. In - the second, the history knows very many examples both in business, and in the politician when heads during the difficult period of time established to themselves the minimum salary - and they were conceived by a society as correct action. For example, the head of corporation of Chrysler Li Jakokka or the mayor of New York Michael Blumberg .


We have called Nikita Belyh:

- Nikita Jurevich! And deputies of your Legislative Assembly against will not be reductions of your salary? After all their incomes are fastened for the salary of the governor.

- salaries of the speaker, vitse speakers and more of some posts in the government Are adhered. Especially offered law on them will not extend.

- That is the parliament hardly will reject your initiative?

- For us on a constant basis in parliament works only three persons: the speaker and two vitse - the speaker. All other deputies - on public principles.

- Officials usually equal on the heads. Think, your subordinates will go on such in this case?

- I have published the incomes for 2008 that it was clear: the salary question is not a question of my existence. That is I of do not deprive some bread ...

- That is will not live in misery...

- Is not present.

- At you a family in Moscow, three children. The spouse against your decision did not mind?

- Is not present, certainly. I cannot hide other incomes. And it is clear that the salary - not a unique source of incomes. If such would not be, what, I would began to refuse the salary? Well, I have cast out, a leah that?