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The Ekaterinburg brawler has bitten the militiaman at the airport

One of these days employees of transport Office of Public Prosecutor have directed to court business in the relation of the tourist which has attacked the inspector.

- the Inhabitant of Ekaterinburg is accused of the commission of crime, the Criminal code of the Russian Federation provided p.1 item 318 Application of violence concerning the representative of the power, - have told today, on January, 19th, in a press - service of Sverdlovsk transport Office of Public Prosecutor.

skirmish between the tourist and the younger inspector on examination LOVD of the airport Koltsovo has occurred on October, 5th 2009. Drunk ekaterinburzhets expected landing aboard the plane, going to wave to Bangkok. It conducted itself(himself) inadequately, therefore the militiaman and has asked it to pass in a call centre.

the Dream of mysterious Asia was so is close, therefore the brawler has very much become angry, having understood that on the plane after conversation with representatives of the law and order he obviously will not be in time. Definitively nerves at the tourist have handed over in a hall of an arrival of the terminal on the way to dezhurku. The arrested person has begun to kick the militiaman, having got to that on the left foot. And then, having snatched the moment, has seized teeth a thumb of a right hand of the guard. Fortunately, kusachemu uraltsu it was not possible to injure considerably the inspector, but it precisely was late for the plane.