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In Bashkiria one more militiaman has committed suicide, the fourth from the beginning of this year

the Present wave of suicides among employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has fallen this year upon Bashkiria: from the beginning of new year has passed hardly more than two weeks, and in republic four militiamen have committed suicide already.

last case has occurred on Saturday in in Chishminsky area of Bashkortostan. 30 - the summer employee patrol - sentry duty at the Department of Internal Affairs of Ufa, having sent the child to the grandmother, and the wife - on session in capital, has committed suicide.

in an agonal note the man asked that could not provide to it and their child happy life from the spouse of a pardon, have informed RIA News in Chishminsky interdistrict investigatory department of Investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation on republic.

as we already wrote, earlier in various areas of Bashkortostan three more employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have committed suicide. One of them was shot, two were hung up. In each of these cases militiamen had problems in private life.


In Bashkiria all for two weeks of new year three militiamen have committed suicide