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the Crew of sixth expedition MKS has taken off for the USA

Crew of the sixth long-term expedition of the international space station/ MKS/ as a part of the commander of crew Kenneth Bauersoksa/ the USA/, flight engineer Nikolay Budarina/ Russia/ and the scientific expert, flight engineer Donald Pettita/ the USA/ has taken off on Wednesday morning for the United States. ABT it " News " have informed in the CTR of preparation of cosmonauts of a name of Gagarin in Star small town.

after a MTG with physicians and experts of the USA in the space CTR of a name of Lindona Johnson/ Houston/ where the crew within a week will take place medical examination and will report on space experts on the flight on MKS, the Russian cosmonaut Nikolay Budarin will return to Russia, and its American colleagues will continue in the homeland poslepoletnuju rehabilitation. Having come back to Russia, Nikolay Budarin will go W a family on rest.

The Sixth long-term crew MKS has made at station 163 - daily flight, having made two extravehicular activity. He was engaged doosnashcheniem space station, and also has executed great volume scientifically - research WRK in the field of medicine, biology, technics and astrophysics. It had to work in space two MTH over earlier planned term that has been connected with  destruction of a shuttle of the USA " Colombia ". The crew has returned on May, 4th on the earth to area of Kazakhstan by the Russian piloted spaceship " Union TMA - 1 ".