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to Reduce losses of a passenger complex probably granting of a complex of various paid services, Minister of Railways Gennady Fadeev

considers Increase of tariffs for passenger transportations is not that way, which GTG a railway complex of the country. It was declared on Wednesday by the Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation Gennady Fadeev, acting at session of board of Ministry of Railways, devoted to a passenger complex.

satisfaction of demand of passengers on the raised comfort, value added services - here that, according to the minister, should become the main things in reforming of a passenger complex. " at the expense of this profitableness it is necessary to extinguish losses, - the minister has underlined. - and demand for such services grows ".

Fadeev has reminded that in 2002 losses of a passenger complex of the country have made 54 mlrd roubles. " but measures on decrease in this loss are accepted by heads of roads slowly " - the minister has noted. The minister has given special ATTN to purchase of diesel locomotives specially 4 passenger structures. " has not put, when 5 - 6 carriages pull the powerful locomotives calculated on heavy passenger structures " - Fadeev has underlined.