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In Kirghizia thieves of the strategic raw materials used in nuclear manufacture

Law enforcement bodies of Kirghizia are detained have detained three criminals who in January, 2003 have stolen from a warehouse of the former uranium industrial complex about 460 kgs oksida europium and others matelov, used in nuclear manufacture.

as has informed " News " the chief of Keminsky regional department of internal affairs of Chujsky area of Kirghizia Zhenishbek Keldibaev, at detention have been withdrawn from thieves 265 tys silicon plates and 36 kg oksida europium. The site of other chemical matelov is at the moment found out.

On the night of January, 8th of some persons in the masks, armed with bludgeons, having beaten watchmen, have stolen from a warehouse of finished goods Kirghiz himiko - metal works/ the former uranium industrial complex/ 23 boxes oksida europium and 43 boxes of silicon, for a total sum nearby 100 tys US dollars.

Europium is one of the most rare among rare-earth elements. It is applied in atomic engineering and in systems of protection against radiations as one of the most effective absorbers of thermal neutrons, and also by manufacture of colour TVs, x-ray installations, in the laser technics, and also at treatment of some forms of a cancer.

under data " News " raw materials stocks remained at the enterprise since Soviet Union. Last ten years the industrial complex practically stays idle, its territory is rather poorly protected.

two MTH ago the Kirghiz militiamen have detained two former employees KHMZ at attempt of sale of 35 kg oksida itterbija - strategic matela, used in nuclear manufacture.