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the Ministry of Finance of Georgia cuts down budgetary expenses on 85 million chests

the Ministry of Finance of Georgia since June, 1st of this year is urged to cut down budgetary expenses on 85 million chests in connection with a budgeted deficit which makes almost 100 million/ 1 US dollar is equal 2,15 chests/.

On Thursday parliament of Georgia on " the governmental hour " intend to RCV the detail information ABT forthcoming reduction of the budget.

the representative of high rank of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia, wished to remain not named, has declared " News " that since June, 1st budgetary financing of some the ministries and departments will be reduced to 20 percents In particular, the Ministry of Defence will miss 3,5 million chests, the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 2,5 million chests, and Department of protection of state border - 1,5 million chests.

the Ministry of Finance intends to reduce volumes of currency transfers on account of repayment of an external debt and percent 2 them to 35 million chests.

According to the law on the budget of 2003, the Ministry of Defence has been allocated by 55 million chests, the Ministry of Internal Affairs - 62 million chests, to Department of protection of border - 11 million chests.

the general external debt of Georgia makes almost 2 mlrd US dollars.

According to the decision of the Parisian club of creditors from January, 2000, in 2003 Georgia should pay on external debts and percent 2 them 160,7 million US dollars.

thereupon the republic government at the next session of the Parisian club in September of current year intends to ask the countries - creditors ABT the next re-structuring of payments on debts.

as the reason of scale budgetary deficiency in the Ministry of Finance of Georgia name low level of a collecting of taxes and a payment for the consumed electric power, and also management refusal adzharskoj to an autonomy to list incomes of the local budget in the republican.

Tbilisi has no 2 years budgetary - financial communications from Batumi. Numerous negotiations of the central management W adzharskim leader Aslan Abashidze of results have not brought.

meanwhile, the IMF rigidly demands from the government of Georgia to provide budgetary receipts from Adzharii. Otherwise, the IMF does not intend to renew the program of financing of Georgia.

According to calculations of the Ministry of Finance, Adzharija has run into debt to the republican budget of 130 million chests. In turn Batumi asserts that the authorities have run into debt Adzharii of 30 million chests.