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15 relatives of victims of an air crash They are 154 over Black sea will continue to prove the right to reception of indemnifications

On Thursday, on June, 19th, in Pechersky district court of Kiev of 15 relatives of victims of an air crash They are 154 over Black sea will continue to prove the right to reception of indemnifications moral and matelnogo harm.

as have informed " News " in the lawyer company defending interests of relatives of lost crewmen, during the previous session the representative of one of respondents - the Ministries of Defence of Ukraine - has demanded to stop a judicial legal investigation before the termination of investigation of accident by the country State Office of Public Prosecutor.

on May, 29th, 2003 the court has rejected the petition of the representative of military department.

as respondents in the given case the government of Ukraine and the State exchequer 2 act. At session on Thursday, on June, 19th, court and lawyers of relatives of victims of accident will hear explanatories of respondents which refuse to pay indemnification.

on December, 5th, 2002 the general public prosecutor of Ukraine Svjatoslav Piskun has declared that Office of Public Prosecutor " involves in charge of 5 generals of the Ukrainian army ". As he said, 4 the investigation termination technical expert appraisal conclusions " are necessary; not on fragments two and a half on one and a half metre, and on as it is possible big/ plane fragments/ ". Therefore the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine was converted 2 the Russian side to help with a raising from the date of Black sea of fragments of the plane which of 3,5 km are on depth.

On June, 18th, 2003 at court session under the claim of a family of lost second pilot Boris Levchugova the representative of the government Oleg Alyoshin has declared that respondents consider possibility of division of responsibility for the brought down Russian liner They are 154 between the Ukrainian, Russian military men and the owner of the plane the company " Siberia " have informed " News " representatives of claimants.

Alyoshin gave reason for the position that " doctrines were spent on the range, being under jurisdiction of Russia ".

Besides the incorporated claim of 15 relatives of victims of accident, the Kiev court considers 3 more statements of claim - incorporated claims of relatives of 13 passengers and crewmen brought down They are 154, claims of native victims of second pilot Boris Levchugova and flight engineer Valery Laptev. The total sum of claim requirements exceeds 50 million grivnas/ more than 9,4 million dollars/.

From - for tightenings of proceeding which on some affairs proceeds already more than one and a half years, claimants declare possibility of increase in claim requirements. So, on May, 28th the lawyer of relatives of the lost crewmen Sergey Platonov has declared that in the near future this suma can increase several times - B4 1 million dollars for ANY1 lost person.

0 tys dollars for ANY1 victim. " my principals in Novosibirsk have declared that it is the offensive and ridiculous sum - they on it will disagree " - has told Platons.

as he said, now the AVG sum of claims makes nearby 450 tys dollars.

following from Tel - Abib to Novosibirsk the liner They be 154 Russian airlines " Siberia " has been brought down on October, 4th, 2001 by the Ukrainian rocket W - 200, let out during doctrines of forces of air defence in Crimea. Such reason of an air crash recognised the state interdepartmental commission of Ukraine and the commission of Interstate aviation committee of the CIS. Respondents disagree with such conclusions. At the same time during the third round Ukrainian - the Russian negotiations on a question of payment of indemnifications on May, 22nd, 2003 in Moscow the State secretary the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Alexander Chalyj has informed that the government of Ukraine wants to indemnify a loss to relatives of victims of accident They be 154 extrajudicially by second anniversary of accident in October, 2003.