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Igor Ivans will take part in postministerial conferences ASEAN

. Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Ivans will take part in postministerial conferences of Association of the states Jugo - East Asia/ ASEAN/ in a format " ASEAN plus 10 " and " ASEAN plus Russia ".

As has informed in interview " News " the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Jakovenko, at a MTG " ASEAN plus 10 " the Russian side will take active part in discussion of questions of interaction of Association W partners in dialogue in political and economic spheres.

among the cores that of conference - collective efforts on counteraction to terrorism and other threats of transnational character, prospect of connection of dialogue partners, including Russia, 2 realisation of programs of regional integration and socially - economic development of the countries ASEAN taking into account activity of the WTO and " G8 ".

Key event of a MTG " ASEAN plus Russia " there is a signing by Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Russia and ASEAN to the joint declaration on partnership in a cause of peace and security, and also prosperity and developments in Asian - Pacific region. " it is the first document in the history Russian - aseanovskih the relations, bringing legal and political base under our dialogue partnership W Association " - has underlined Jakovenko.

In Moscow count that activization of communications of Russia and ASEAN in all areas - trading - economic, cultural, scientific, in spheres of transport, power and others becomes result of such step.

Besides, at a MTG Russia plans to bring specific proposals on adjustment of cooperation W " in ten " ASEAN in education spheres and public health services, including struggle against an atypical pneumonia.

Meeting half-way numerous references ASEAN, Russia intends to CFM with basic readiness to join the Friendship treaty and cooperation in Jugo - East Asia/ the Balijsky contract/ 1976.

this document is some kind of " the behaviour code " in maintenance of peace and stability in region.

2NITE on Thursday Igor Ivans will take off for Moscow.