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Ivans for peace process in the Near East

Russia supports giving of universal character to peace process in the Near East. It has declared on Wednesday in interview " News " the special representative of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Vdovin during the visit to Lebanon.

as he said, the Russian side considers that at a forthcoming MTG of representatives of the United Nations, EU, the USA and Russia in Jordan it is necessary to discuss development possibility " a road map " primenitelno and 2 Syria and Lebanon.

as during last MTGs of the Russian representative with heads of these Arabian states the last have CFMed with the determination actively to co-operate W the international community in development livano - the Syrian track, Vdovin has noted.

thus he has underlined that " the main task " the four " Now normalisation and conditions stabilisation in region on the basis of those possibilities which are designated in most " is; to a road map " and on the conventional it is international - legal base, namely on principles of Madrid " the Earth in exchange for the world " resolutions of UNSF 242 and 338 and the Arabian peace initiative ".

According to Vdovin, at 2003 MTG laying ahead on June, 22nd " the four " prime importance of discussion of a situation it is direct in a zone palestino - the Israeli opposition it is called by that it is necessary to reach cease-fire ASAP.

" splashes in violence Observed in last days and terror are unacceptable, as, despite the progress which has outlined recently, they not only reject process of Near-Eastern settlement BWD, but also threaten it with failure " - the diplomat has noted.

in case on a way 2 the world in the near East there will be insuperable difficulties, " The four " it is ready to pass to serious discussion of idea of a direction in a zone palestino - the Israeli opposition a military contingent of the United Nations. But for this purpose, undoubtedly, the consent of both parties is required, the Russian representative has underlined.

Vdovin 2 has informed that Russia gives due to active efforts of the American side in the course of Near-Eastern settlement and considers that W/ O high-grade participation of the USA in it cannot be reached serious progress.

at the same time as the Russian diplomat has specified, the POV of Moscow consists that this progress " GTG FWD on collective efforts W participation of the USA, Russia, EU and the United Nations which have in frameworks " the four " the big possibilities to influence approaches of both parties ".

the Russian side 2 highly appreciates diplomatic efforts of Egypt at a present stage on development of a uniform position among all Palestinian organisations, Vdovin has underlined.