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the State Duma has passed the law specifying an order of a financing of education

the State Duma at plenary session on Friday has accepted in the third, definitive, reading the presidential bill differentiating powers between the federal CTR, subjects of the Russian Federation and local governments in the field of a financing of education.

as the correspondent " passes; News " at 226 voices necessary for decision-making, the given bill was supported by 420 deputies.

amendments in an education sphere are brought in separate acts of the Russian Federation with a view of an establishment of real responsibility of the state for maintenance of state guarantees of citizens on general education reception.

in the accepted law the order of financing of establishments of the general education, in particular, is specified. Namely, the establishment of the state educational standards concerns the competence of the Russian Federation as bases of formation of the basic educational programs, an obligatory minimum of these programs, systems of payment of workers of educational institutions, the minimum wage rate and official icon settings.

on subjects of the Russian Federation to local budgets the statement of specifications of expenses on realisation of the basic general educational programs and allocation of subventions is assigned to their financing/ in a subvention include expenses on the salary, acquisition of manuals, technical training aids, account matelov, and also household expenses 4 maintenance of educational process/.

Behind local governments, according to the law, responsibility for financing of expenses on maintenance and development matelno - technical base of educational institutions, expenses of social character, municipal payments, and also the right to an establishment of surcharges and extra charges to teachers is fixed.

Division of financial responsibility between subjects of the Russian Federation and local governments will allow to optimise system of financing of educational institutions and to stabilise as a whole financial maintenance of establishments of system of the general education.