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OSCE against anti-Semitism

Would be the big and inexcusable error to ignore anti-Semitism displays in the countries of an operative range of the Organization on security and cooperation in Europe/ OSCE/.

it was declared by the assistant to the operating chairman of OSCE ambassador Daan Everts at the International conference on questions of struggle against the anti-Semitism, passing in Vienna under the aegis of OSCE.

as he said, " OSCE resolutely declares the pressing forward 2 activity on change taken roots in consciousness of many people in Europe and America representations ABT " inoffensiveness " anti-Semitism, anti-Semitism - these forms of racism and xenophobia ".

As has noted Everts, " tricks of anti-semites after all that is connected at mankind with the Holocaust both racist and nazi crimes " are shocking;.

Solomon Passi, head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria - the countries which will be presiding in OSCE next year - has underlined that OSCE should oppose resolutely indulgences concerning Antisemitic and other racist displays and denounce them on a level with terrorism and other displays of encroachments on life and security of the person.

at the International conference of OSCE in Vienna the basic items on the agenda laying ahead in the beginning of September in the Austrian capital of the World conference on struggle against anti-Semitism and xenophobia have been discussed.