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Destiny of the Iraq debt in doubt

the International currency fund yet has not formulated the position concerning settlement of the Iraq debt. On it has informed on Friday on a press - conferences the first deputy of the managing director of the International currency fund/ IMF/ to Ann Kruger.

" the IMF attentively traces discussion ABT debts of Iraq, but yet has not formulated the position " - has told Kruger.

she considers that 4 position formation on this question it is necessary to consider a number of important points - " what sizes of a debt of Iraq to the various countries, what positions of creditors as will affect the private markets of the politician of settlement of the Iraq debt ".

At the same time, Kruger has underlined that the IMF does not interfere with relations between creditors and debtors, as this business of the Parisian club. " however us financial stability in the world interests, therefore we will present the POV on this question " - has added the representative of IMF.