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the Netherlands will punish for " ekstazi "

the Member of the American congress from the State of Indiana Mark Sauter, acting on Thursday in a night aether of Dutch TV program " Zembla " has called the Netherlands for more decisive steps in struggle against illegal manufacture and spread of drug addiction " ekstazi ".

As he said, the American agency on struggle against drugs considers the Netherlands " the European Colombia " also has warned that Washington can enter economic sanctions if from Holland export " does not stop against this country; ekstazi " in the USA.

by different estimations, about 80 percents of tablets " ekstazi " it is underground sold in States, are made in Holland. In 2003 of the USA deported to the Netherlands 37 Dutches importing W self drugs.

Mark Sauter - the head of subcommittee of the House of Representatives of the USA of criminal cases and struggle against drugs - has urged the Dutch authorities to search on presence of drugs of all passengers of the flights which are taking off for the USA from Amsterdam airport Shiphol. He 2 has declared that post services of the Netherlands should CK parcels and the letters sent to the United States.

according to TV channel " Zembla " employees of the American agency on struggle against drugs are introduced in territory of the Netherlands in the gangs which are engaged in manufacture and sale " ekstazi ". The Dutch authorities sometimes at all do not know about it that is infringement of the international laws, confirms TV channel.