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For Murmansk and Arkhangelsk there will be a uniform check point

Now there is a formation Federal state   the target program of arrangement   state borders   Russia on 2012 - 2020   years. One of its aspects - arrangement of sea check points, including the Arctic region.  

Therefore now Rosgranitsa and its Severo - the Western territorial administration develops the concept of building of an infrastructure of a uniform sea check point for port Murmansk and port Arkhangelsk. In plans to construct an office building for the state control bodies and check points. Project realisation in 2013 - m will begin to year. About it it was told yesterday on II Murmansk the international tourist forum « Arktik Tur Invest 2011 ».

Dmitry Ionov, the chief of department of certification and monitoring of check points of Severo told About prospects of this direction - the Western territorial administration Rosgranitsy. - There are, unfortunately, questions which we could not solve. For example, Boris and Gleb`s church which is in Pechengsky area. We were converted into the government of Murmansk area with the offer to construct a temporary check point for foreigners, which come basically from Kirkenesa to visit religious object. However in what it yet has not resulted, - Dmitry Viktorovich explains. - Border to cross to tourists it is difficult.

Have concerned also the Murmansk airport. Now there there passes reconstruction taking into account requirements of the state control bodies to air check points. However a problem in money. The governor of Murmansk area Dmitry Dmitrienko was converted to head Rosgranitsy with the request to help financially, but support has not received. As Dmitry Ionov has noted, it can be solved in frameworks is state - private partnership.

the Acute shortage of money is felt and in the project about a sea check point in Murmansk. Here it is necessary to equip morvokzal, as the sea terminal for reception kruiznyh liners.

In the project - to spend dnouglubitelnye works, to extend a pier that is very expensive. After works on arrangement of a building of the sea terminal only will begin. It will be necessary to involve, both federal funds, and regional and investors.

the Good example — a sea facade in St.-Petersburg. The object is constructed at the expense of means of the most different budgets and is accepted on balance by federal department. Knowing all complexities of construction of such check point of Rosgranitsa is ready to help and to Murmansk. It however will manage to our region almost in 600 million roubles.

Then the lecturer answered questions of participants of the Forum. One of actual - in connection with that, in the end of October Russia this year will not translate a hand to winter time the difference in time with other countries, hence, will move. For example, with Finland will be two hours, with Norway — three. How then check points will work? It after all is important at planning of independent tourist routes.

- In the near future will pass session of boundary commissioners. The decision on change of the schedule of work of check points will be accepted. We minimise difficulties to the citizens crossing border, - Dmitry Ionov has responded. In turn the minister ekonomrazvitija Murmansk area Sergey Agarkov has noticed that the cooperation agreement with Norway is already signed. Including on check points.

Norway will spend 12 million crones from its part to make reconstruction of a check point of Sturskug. And in turn in Borisoglebsk will construct new point.