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In Bratsk concentration of harmful substances exceeds admissible

Firemen, commandoes and foresters continue to extinguish last fire in Bratsk. At present fire distribution on the area of 100 hectares is stopped. On the liquidated fires it is conducted okaraulivanie. All the day long in the sky for carrying out of investigation of conditions unmanned aerial vehicles work. Flight of area Galachiha and cottage settlement is made.

- Each two hours are made gaugings of concentration of harmful substances in air, - informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across the Irkutsk region. – tests of atmospheric air take in 11 disctricts of the city experts of a regional weather service and « the Center of hygiene and epidemiologii in the Irkutsk region ». For the handed over moment concentration of harmful substances slightly exceeds maximum permissible norms.

By the end of today rescuers expect conditions improvement. However any guarantees that tomorrow the situation will not worsen, no. Because weather remains former – dry and windless. It contributes in new kindlings and zadymlenijam. Deposits in Bratsk are predicted only on October, 7th.