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The driver guilty of a major accident on koashvinskoj to road in Murmansk area, have sentenced

« wrote that in the Kirov city court business of the bus driver « is passed; MARZ » Peter Marahina. Inspectors consider its guilty of a major accident, proisshedshej on a highway Kirovsk - Koashva in December, 20th, 2010. We will remind, then two buses - « have faced; MARZ » and « Ikarus ». As a result of road accident four persons were lost, ten more have been seriously wounded.

Accused completely recognised the fault. During road accident it was sober, and the reason happened, according to the driver, there was a drift, from - for which it has left on a counter strip. Investigation was tightened for 9 months from - for a considerable quantity of examinations - more than forty. The most important - judicial autotechnical expert appraisal which has defined a role of each driver in road accident. It also has revealed that infringement of rules was admitted by Marahin. As it has appeared, for the driver « Ikarusa » the victim as a result of failure, change of a road situation was sudden, and avoid collision it could not.

And here, on September, 28th the city court of Kirovsk has considered criminal case concerning Paul Marahina. It consider as the main originator of failure. To the man have brought accusation under article 264, point 5, the criminal code of Russian Federation « Infringement of Traffic regulations and operation of the vehicles, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons ». The maximum punishment by a usual legal investigation on this article – till seven years of imprisonment.

Even prior to the beginning of process and in its course of 14 persons most suffered, were converted into court with claims about compensation of Marahinym of moral harm. The total sum has made more than three millions roubles.

the Accuser has asked to appoint punishment to the driver in the form of three years of imprisonment in a colony - settlement, to deprive of the right to operate vehicles for a period of three years and to satisfy the civil suits shown to the accused.

Paul Marahin has partially compensated victim of 182 thousand roubles. About it, and also about positive characteristics, about the small child, about absence of previous convictions earlier and other softening circumstances, the lawyer of the man told in court. He has asked to consider them and to appoint softer punishment, without prison.

However the court sentence was neotvratim: two years and eight months of imprisonment with abiding in a colony - settlement, deprivation of the rights to two years, partial compensation of claims for drawing of moral harm (for those who declared in the claim of 500 thousand roubles, the sum is lowered to 300 thousand roubles). About it the newspaper " wrote; Twice Two .

the Sentence has not entered validity and can be appealed against in regional court within ten days.

Details read in the nearest numbers « - Murmansk ».