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In Novosibirsk judge the criminal, which on to an arrow has killed the person, has wounded its friend and has moved in races

Preconditions to this murder have arisen on May, 18th current year. Then in the company of four inhabitants of Chanovsky area there was a serious quarrel. Two friends have appeared on one party of barricades, two more – on another. The instigator of the conflict – Edward Lemeshev - during rough discussion named one of opponents « the collective farmer ». And that which have got used to the status of the businessman, felt offended.

the Company has dispersed, but for continuation « conversations » the new meeting has been appointed. Already then the offended businessman has decided to revenge. Next morning – about five hours – all four have met again on « to an arrow » - in settlement Lake Karachi.

  - As soon as Lemeshev and its friend have approached on meeting place, the suspect has jumped out of the car and began to shoot, - Ivan Pichersky, a deputy head of Chanovsky interdistrict investigatory department of Investigatory management SKR across the Novosibirsk region describes the further events. – Lemeshev has been killed by a shot in a chest. And its friend, instantly having fallen to asphalt, has had time to evade literally: it has got off with wound in a hand.

  Fortunately the survived man, at the avenger was only two bullets. So to continue punishment it could not any more. Having dropped in in the car, the criminal with the friend has dashed away from a scene.

  - the Suspect has tried to disappear, but within days it have found. Has explained on interrogation that went to relatives to say goodbye, - Ivan Sergeevich sums up. – the Arrested person is accused of fulfilment of murder and in attempt of fulfilment of murder of two persons.   Under the law to it threatens up to lifelong imprisonment.

Business about this crime considers Novosibirsk regional court. Almost all participants of process are already interrogated, the sentence in the near future should sound.