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Worker Porcelain of Syserti have started to repay debts under the salary

Sysertsky porcelain factory today reports about return of a five-million debt under the salary before the workers. Spontaneous picket for this purpose was necessary, the landing of Sverdlovsk ministers on this factory belonging to the Ekaterinburg Archdiocese was necessary. Ministers to a descent have understood weak business farforshchikov, emphasised expensive products: « so you should do inexpensive and well assorted souvenirs! » on the person an example of China which has captivated stalls of Ekaterinburg by cheap knickknacks with running symbolics. And to realise porcelain it will be possible in the Spiritual centre of Ural Mountains in Verhoture .

the Regional minister of the industry and a science Alexander Petrov has informed that   money for bills « Porcelain of Syserti » have entered full volume, employees need to receive only them, a trick.  

- I Think that by October, fifth the factory will close this subject, - the minister has pleased workers.  

With factory debts before Open Society « Uralsevergazom » (1 million roubles) promised to understand « in parts » and in sparing terms. The curator of factory from the Ekaterinburg Archdiocese Maxim Menjajlo has informed that the problem of repayment of debts under the salary managed to be solved thanks to direct participation new lords Ekaterinburg Cyril`s Archdioceses .