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Ulyanovsk Volga has suffered the first defeat on the Cup of Russia

In the demand volzhan on this match there were no two leading hockey players. To Vitaly Makarovu the small trauma has not allowed to leave on ice, and Michael Dobrynin on family circumstances has been urged to go to Kemerovo urgently. In their absence with a captain`s bandage of partners on ice goalkeeper Dmitry Sergeev has deduced.

Since first seconds of a match both commands have regarded as of paramount importance ball control: without risking once again to go forward, hockey players tried to correct to play a ball through the defenders. And already on the fifth minute of a meeting one of such draws has come to the end for « Volga » unsuccessfully - the halfback of the command situated near Moscow Yury Shardakov has intercepted Alexey Mosjagina`s transfer and has deduced on Dmitry Chehutina`s shock position – 0:1. But already after three minutes hockey players of our ice team have recouped - the quickest in penal « Sharp-sighted » Have appeared Evgenie Leonov and Alexey Zagarsky.

Almost the unique error in a match was admitted by Dmitry Tcherepanov who has not got on a ball after transfer from depth of a field. As result, an exit krasnogortsa Maxim Ishkeldina in private with Dmitry Sergeevym – the hockey player « Sharp-sighted » has won duel against the goalkeeper « Volga » - 1:2. But to a break uljanovtsy have recouped: Denis Tsytsarov who has flown on the left flank has flashed individual skill, was displaced to penal and has powerfully punched on collars. The goalkeeper « Sharp-sighted » Anton Ahmerov of it obviously did not expect – 2:2.

second half of meeting as the Ulyanovsk command has escaped - taki forward has hardly begun! Defenders « Sharp-sighted » on border of the penal area have left without Evgenie Mastrjukova`s supervision – the forward « Volga » the chance to score a goal has not missed. But already through pair minutes balance in the bill has been restored – pass krasnogortsa Maxim Ishkeldina anybody from players « Volga » why - that and has not dared to stop – 3:3. And on exod of hour of game « Sharp-sighted » with an interval one and a half minute, has hammered in two more goals and has finished the advantage to two balls.

Soon uljanovtsy could reduce a difference in the bill to a minimum, but Alexey Zagarsky from a lethal position has sent a lilac shell to a crossbeam. And in other attack Sergey Haritonov &hellip could not amaze a collar of the command situated near Moscow; Payment has come immediately - in gate « Volga » has been appointed by a penalty which was realised accurately by the highly experienced pupil of the Ulyanovsk school of bandy Yury Loginov.

Volzhane also would be glad to go again forward, but at them the train of removals has again begun. As a result for an hour and a half games hockey players of our command have earned already 100 minutes of the penalty!   In remained time of a match « Sharp-sighted » has acquired the right to two penalties. And in both cases the master of blows « from a point » Yury Loginov has changed the master of reflexion 12 - metre Dmitry Sergeeva.

- Today we have been urged to do without the leaders, - the head coach « ascertained after a final whistle; Volga » Vyacheslav Ievlev. – But, nevertheless, first 60 minutes of a meeting we played fine, have managed to impose to the rival the game. But forces are not boundless - numerous removals have affected. And errors were, which could be avoided.

- it is heavy to play all match in minority, - the defender of the Ulyanovsk command Dmitry Tcherepanov has declared. - game needs to be analysed, understood, where also we have made what errors. For now it is necessary to forget about this defeat and to prepare for following games.