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podguljavshaja volgogradka has set on policemen of a huge Rottweiler

the Huge Rottweiler who lives at   40 - summer inhabitant Novoanninska for a long time keeps in awe all to district. But much more the discontent of inhabitants was called by a position of the proprietress of a dog – the woman continually released the favourite to take a walk without a muzzle.

- It at me peace loving! And that frightens children so it is the pupil has a good time, - the woman only waved away.

Once again scandal has happened in August when a dog as though joking, has snatched on two local residents. On loud bark of the favourite the mistress has run out podguljavshaja, but, having seen that occurs in the street, did not begin to interfere. While one of « hostages » a Rottweiler typed « 02 » another tried to persuade the mistress to clean an animal.

Soon to the place of profit policemen. The requirement immediately to clean an animal from street has called the mistress a storm of emotions.

- to Take them! – the woman has shouted.

the Rottweiler with bark has rushed on employees.

-   Which as managed to be enticed an animal into a court yard, and on the mistress of a Rottweiler have dressed handcuffs. Now the woman should be responsible for an attack on the employee. Now criminal case investigation is finished. In the nearest future it will be directed to court, - has told «» Sergey Pravotorov, the inspector New Anninsky   MrSO a region SKR SOU