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The actress from the Broadway possesses surprising memory

Marilu Henner amazes scientists with that remembers every day the life, since 12 - summer age, that is 47 years. She immediately names, there was this or that day in a semicentenial interval what was then weather in what afternoon of week that on it has been dressed that she watched on TV and many other things. Thus the actress is mistaken only in … 1 % of cases.

Scientists   consider   such   memory painfull   and   name it gipertimeziej. The first case gipertimezii in the history of medicine considers « opened » in 2006 the teacher from America by name of Dzhill the Price which too remembers all.

  gipertimezisty which it is now revealed in the United States of an order of 20 persons, describe the sensations at vspominanii, as image viewing on DVD.

« When   me ask about   Any bottom   in   the past, I   as   as if   I look everything that   has occurred   in   that   day, on DVD, - tells Marilu. - Thus I can focus attention to the fine details and I can even read, for example, heading of the book which read that day ».

Marilu Henner has become famous for roles in a comedy teleserial « the Taxi » which was popular in America in the end of 70 - h – the beginning 80 - h years of the last century. She remembers much from the life from one-and-a-half-year age when played with the big brother in the family house in Chicago. However « to scroll » a picture from the past in a status, beginning only from 12 years.

Psychologists believe that   average   the person   it is capable for the life   to remember   to 250 persons. Henner it is assured that remembers many and many thousand. By the way, gipertimezija which many including Dzhill the Price, consider as illness, helps it with a trade – it easily remembers scenarios.