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The prices for vodka in Vologda will grow together with increase in excises

Manufacturers likerovodochnoj area production prepare for the next increase in excises. About the next growth of this type of tax the day before, 18 - go October, the assistant to the head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Sergey Shatalov has declared.

As has told to the correspondent « Olga Demidov, the chief accountant of Open Society « Velikoustjugsky likero - vodka distillery » the increase in excises at vodka will strike on pockets of the Vologda fans of strong drinks.

- If it will occur, for the legal manufacturer production realisation will be complicated. As we pay taxes in advance it is necessary to take out means from a turn. In this connection it is necessary to increase production cost, we cannot work to ourselves at a loss, - has explained   Olga Demidov. - excises and now high. To us and so it is difficult to compete to illegal manufacturers even in the market of the Vologda area. They - that of taxes do not pay.

On manufacture, for example, vodka the excise makes 230 roubles for litre in pure spirit. It turns out that the manufacturer pays for a bottle of vodka the tax about 40 roubles. After increase in taxes, naturally, vodka cost will increase in shop.

- At growth of rates of the excise tax revenues will increase by alcoholic production in budgets of different levels from the enterprises working in alcoholic branch. And it is additional means which will go on social needs, - Valentine Konovalov, the chief of department of licensing and the organisation of declaring of Department of agriculture, food resources and trade of the Government of the Vologda area has commented. - growth of the interest rate of the excise increases every year, and in it there is nothing supernatural.

By the way, last year rates of excises have increased to a rate of inflation - for 10 percent. But if excises increase sharply vologzhanam will buy much more cheaply self-made self-race and a substitute from illegal manufacturers.