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Medvedev: For the big government it is necessary to create a personnel reserve

the Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev, acting at a meeting with representatives of Public committee of its supporters, has declared necessity of creation of a personnel reserve for formation « the big government ».

« It is necessary to form a personnel reserve of all levels to create here this biggest expanded government. It is the major subject » - the president has underlined.

Besides he has declared that members of public committee of supporters of the Russian president in the future can occupy the governmental posts.

« If at us it will turn out, if we successfully act on elections, and I am assured that every chance for this purpose is, the part present, of course, will be invited by me in those or other structures of a state administration, beginning from « small » The governments, any ministries, departments and finishing other organisations » - quotes the head of the state of RIA « News ».