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In Kishinev have revealed pensioners - speculators

Working group of Kishinev and Tiraspol concerning social protection and of the humanitarian help pays attention to difficultly controllable phenomenon: more and more citizens, making papers proving the identity and in   to Moldova and in Dnestr region two pensions and other double social payments receive simultaneously.

the Deputy minister of work, social protection and a family Sergey   Sainchuk, the co-ordinator of working group concerning social protection from Kishinev, informs that many cases when the person, possessing two surnames and two documents proving the identity, one given out on right side of Dnestr, and another &ndash are revealed; in uncontrollable the constitutional bodies Dnestr region, receives two pensions.

Meanwhile there are no figure which would speak about scope of the given phenomenon.

- We should look, what real state of affairs to suspend rendering of the given services with one or on the other hand. On the basis of the analysis which we intend to carry out, we will manage to establish, when has begun the given phenomenon. Our colleagues work at territorial level, carry out information interchange, however it is very difficult to establish the person who lives in Moldova under one surname, and beyond Dnestr – under another. Citizens should receive pension in a residence, - Sergey Sainchuk has told.

Following session of working group will take place in the beginning of December when each party will present a database which it will save up. After all information will be collected, it will be necessary to take all measures, including legislative and standard character. It is not excluded that the revealed persons who are received by two pensions, will be obliged to return to the state a part of money, including a judicial way, the deputy minister of work, social protection and a family has underlined.