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Every fifth inhabitant of republic cannot work with the senior colleagues

Company HeadHunter has conducted the next researches   - this time about mutual relations of more senior on age of employees and their young colleagues. It was found out that 82 % « youths » are quite happy with work in the company of the senior colleagues, after all at them is to that to learn, and feeling otvetsvennosti where above. But almost every fifth young inhabitant of office in Bashkiria   cannot find common language with more grown wise experience and grey hairs colleagues. More than half from them named the reason of it constant grumble and cavils from the senior colleagues; 39 % are dissatisfied   their intractability; by words thirds more interrogated, employees for 40 apply out-of-date methods in work, and every fourth respondent is afflicted by lack of information of colleagues of advanced age concerning elementary things.

But nine of ten workers of the senior and advanced age admitted that as it quite comfortably to work with young colleagues.

However from - for age differences sometimes there are also present office wars. Such situation was observed time and again almost by every tenth participant of poll (12 %).