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Was 16 - the summer girl who was gone in the Perm edge one month ago

One of these days upon complete disappearance 16 - the summer inhabitant of village Chernovsky Nadezhdy Kalininoj Bolshesosnovsky area criminal case under the item « has been brought; Murder ». The girl almost one month ago – on September, 21st has left the house to the acquaintance and has completely disappeared.  

On searches of the minor inspectors - criminalists of Investigatory management SK of Russia   have been involved; on the Perm edge, police officers of all   edge areas, representatives of the public. Some surveys of scenes have been spent, witnesses and eyewitnesses are interrogated, personal errands are directed to all investigatory departments and departments of internal affairs of the Perm edge and orientations to search by Kalininoj, studied   Criminal cases and materials of checks on the neolearnt corpses, are checked up mortuaries, hospitals, places of possible occurrence gone, the public is focused on its search and mass media.

As a result today, on October, 19th, 2011 the gone minor has been found out by police officers in Kungursky area of the Perm edge. The fugitive has explained that concerning it any crimes was not made. Now the investigatory actions directed on full and comprehensive investigation of all circumstances   are spent; leaving of the minor on long term from the house, her life and education conditions are found out.