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Medvedev: « Stagnation and stagnation in Russia are inadmissible »

the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has declared inadmissibility of stagnation and stagnation in public and economic life of the country.

Any stagnation, any stagnation are inadmissible, by whatever beautiful words it was accompanied - the head of Russia at a meeting with members of public committee of the supporters on Wednesday has told.

According to Medvedev, experts draw often enough analogies between a current situation in Russia and time of a decline of the USSR.

the Basic fears which now soar in air: how it will be in a new political configuration? That it means: this advance or a stop in ways, stagnation? Analogies to Brezhnev`s period " are drawn; - the Russian leader has told.

According to the president, such analogies limp, as now We live in other country, in other world, ourselves others, at us other social order, other economic relations informs RIA News .

the president and a question of formation of the new government Has mentioned.

I believe that the bureaucratic kernel of the government should be absolutely compact, not expensive, not burdensome for tax bearers, for all our citizens - Medvedev has told.

One of problems the Russian leader named bad work back coupling systems with the people.

the back coupling System, can, to the greatest degree limps in our society and owing to the historical reasons, and owing to imperfection of our work. And how to create system back coupling : affairs, advice, the critical approach - I very much would like to discuss with you - the head of the state has added.