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Policemen in the Perm edge for half-day have opened loud robbery

on October, 18th in police of Chernushinsky area the woman who has informed that on her 15 - the summer daughter armed assault has been made was converted.

- the Unknown person has rushed to them into apartment and, threatening with a knife to the schoolgirl who was during this moment of one house, has demanded to give it all valuable things, - informs a press - service GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the Perm edge. – having taken away a cellular telephone and the gold ornaments which total cost has made 20 thousand roubles, the malefactor has hasty disappeared.    

Policemen did not begin to interrogate long the girl who was in a poststate of shock, and at once have undertaken active actions on capture of the criminal.

- We had been spent at once work with all nearby pawnshops, and soon it has yielded result, - the chief of Intermunicipal department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia " has told; Chernushinsky Alexey Androsenko. - it is Literally through a pair of clocks in one of pawnshops the man has come, and has tried to sell gold ornaments and a cellular telephone which passed on robbery. The adviser of an institution has pressed at once the disturbing button, and through pair minutes to a place there has arrived a private security squad. The suspect has tried, was to disappear, but has been detained.

. Policemen delivered it in a call centre. It has appeared the arrested person 33 - the summer inhabitant of village Kyshlau - Elga. To interrogate it it was not presented possible as the man was in a status of strong alcoholic intoxication.

- I was released recently from imprisonment places, and could not get a job, - the sobered up robber has explained next day.

Now the suspect is in IVS. Criminal case under article « is brought; Armed assault ». Accusation will be brought to the malefactor and the preventive punishment is selected.