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State of emergency in 81 - j to school: 15 - the summer pupil admitted that the pupil 9 « has wounded the teacher

According to some information; » a class, 15 - summer Dmitry M,   admitted to policemen that has struck the teacher on a bet.  

the Teenager once again was late – it has passed some lessons. Its class teacher -   the teacher of geography Dmitry Flavianov -   has publicly abused the unessential young man for proguly. Schoolmates began to urge on the guy to revenge the offender. A pier, you will not cut the teacher, you will be the sucker! Dima did not want to lose prestige in the opinion of companions, let, maybe, and imaginary, and has promised that will revenge. On change it   has thrust in a back of the teacher a sharp subject in length 5 - 6 centimetres .

we will remind, state of emergency in 81 - j happens to school yesterday. The wounded teacher at once have sent in 23 hospital and in the evening it has released home. The teenager was detained by policemen, it is in the Center of time isolation of minor offenders.  

the Legal investigation proceeds.   « » watches succession of events.