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The Ulyanovsk hockey players have begun the Swedish tour with defeat

the First rival volzhan in Sweden there was very awesome opponent: « the Country house » - the participant of recent draw of a World Cup. Besides the duel passed on house ice of this Scandinavian club. However, these factors have not frightened players of the Ulyanovsk command – in a match they at all did not look whipping boys. Moreover, having passed a ball in a meeting debut, already to the middle of the first time Vyacheslav Ievleva`s wards not only have recouped, but also have escaped forward in the bill. Rumil Galiullin and Sergey Haritonov have caused a stir.

However, then the initiative has passed to Scandinavians who to a break have managed both to recoup, and to break away - 4:2. At the very beginning of the second time hockey players « Country houses » have received chance to increase the advantage, but David Karlsson has not hammered in a penalty. Payment has followed immediately - in reciprocal attack the forward « Volga » Evgenie Mastrjukov has reduced a difference in the bill to a minimum – 3:4. However, soon Swedes nevertheless have hammered in the fifth ball – the double was issued by Daniel Andersson. And to exod of hour of game the second goal was hammered also by the captain « Country houses » Jesper Bringelsson. In an ending of a meeting Scandinavians managed to spend one more productive attack - the heth - trik has issued Daniel Andersson. As a result « Volga » has suffered defeat with the bill 3:7.

However, in the Ulyanovsk hockey club hold the opinion that it is not necessary to do tragedies of this result. In - the first, it there was only a companionable match. In - the second, « the Country house » on native arena it tried to be rehabilitated for unsuccessful performance on a World Cup where this command could not overcome a group stage.

During present gathering in Sweden « Volga » will spend three more matches. The first of them will take place on October, 22nd when the Ulyanovsk hockey players will cross sticks to other Russian club - Novosibirsk   « Sibselmashem ». This Siberian command, by the way, also has already led one companionable match in Sweden and has largely conceded in it « Venersborgu » - 1:6.