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In Murmansk the future lawyer traded in counterfeit inquiries on pregnancy

the Student - the first-year student from faculty of law of one of Murmansk high schools has decided to earn money through a social network « Vkontakte ». It has based there group in which offered counterfeit medical documents - from sick-lists to inquiries from female consultation. During monitoring of sites employees of department have come across it « To » regional UMVD also have decided to stop illegal business of the young man.

- In group were offered not only sick-lists, but also the inquiries releasing from employment in educational institutions, military service and others, - the senior representative of department « tells; To » Michael Boev. - cost varied from 500 roubles to 2 thousand. The sick-list price made one thousand roubles, and inquiries on pregnancy - 800 roubles.

Under the pretext of buyers field investigators have met the young man at hotel « the Meridian » have got at it the sick-list and have detained the dealer fakes. It has appeared that all sick-lists which were realised by the enterprising young man, were copies of one. The printing way on them put prints of the seals, and then the document was filled by hand.

The student asserts that it only the intermediary and works for percent. Ostensibly counterfeit documents are made unfamiliar to it by the person with whom it communicates through the Internet. Now field investigators establish, a leah exists actually the second podelnik. In group 60 participants consisted, each of which used the student. By the way, the employer to whom have shown the counterfeit sick-list, has the right to bring an action against the subordinate.

the Student is threatened with imprisonment till two years. It is under a subscription about nevyezde.