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In the Belgorod region Petersburg writer Boris Babkin

For last three weeks in Krasnogvardejsky area has committed suicide four persons have finished life a suicide. Today, on October, 19th, at midnight in village the Top Pokrovka it was shot from a sawn-off shotgun 50 - the summer businessman. Under the preliminary version, on a terrible step of the businessman have pushed debts. The man has left an agonal note to the friend with which asks a companion to help 20 - to the summer son.

- dosledstvennaja check for an establishment of all circumstances of an event Now is spent, - has told « the lieutenant colonel of justice Alexander Sidenko, the head of Alekseevsky interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SK of Russia across the Belgorod region.

Earlier in village Verhososna the author of detectives Boris Babkin from St.-Petersburg has committed suicide. 58 - the summer writer has arrived to stay for a while in village. Apparently, the personal tragedy has resulted in tragedy in life of the writer. Last summer from it in a monastery the wife has left. After that the writer began to be put to a glass.

Boris Babkin has dared at a terrible step on September, 26th. He has hammered the metal probe into a wall and has built on it a loop. However to be hung up the writer did not become. The man   villages on a chair under a loop also has cut to itself veins.

the Writer has left an agonal note in which informs that planned to take the own life hardly earlier. However he has decided to make to give an original gift to the spouse and has postponed a suicide before its birthday. Besides, the suicide regrets that could not get a pistol. There is it planned to die on - heroically: to arrange firing in regional UMVD and thus to be killed in battle.

46 - summer the inhabitant of Voronezh has decided to commit suicide from - for a dreadful disease - a reliquary. The man has arrived on a visit to the sister and was shot from a gun of her husband. One more 38 - the summer inhabitant of Krasnogvardejsky area has finished to the gallows pjanka.