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The addict in the Ulyanovsk region tried to kill for hemp

on October, 12th in village Ust - Uren of Karsunsky area was not made nearly murder from - for a drug. 40 - the summer inhabitant has sat down has found hemp which its civil husband &ndash hid houses in the house; the Uzbek on a nationality.

- the Woman has seen hemp absolutely casually and has started to be indignant, - tell in a press - service UMVD across the Ulyanovsk region. – little by little, and their quarrel has poured out unexpectedly in very active phase – the woman suited a hysterics and was going to throw out a drug. And its civil husband in a rage impulse has seized a knife and has struck the beloved in a stomach. Having seen the fallen woman, the man   was frightened and has run out from the house, and then has not found in itself forces to return to the house. His wife who could be lost from blood loss, the neigbour has rescued. It passed by at this time the house, has heard very loud shouts and as it was well familiar with the neigbour, has decided to come. In the house she also has seen the woman who is bleeding profusely, and has called first aid.

Policemen could establish the person of the suspect and have detained him. In the house during survey it has been found about hemp kg. The man has appeared earlier the offender for theft. After detention he admitted commission of crime and was distressed that does not understand, how so happens.

the question on criminal case excitation for storage of drugs and a deliberate tresspass is now solved. If the fault of the suspect is proved in court to it threatens till eight years of imprisonment.