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The first « luxury » trams already left on flight

In   Kirovsk of depot these trams to New Year`s vacation. Feasts have spent trams in a test mode: them ran in and checked. And now have sent in a city, having entrusted only to the most skilled drivers.

- Now experts of technical department already finish work   with electronics. - Galina VASILEVA has told to us fulfilling duties of the foreman of operation kirvoskogo tram depot. - Program an electronic board, information support system.

new trams Differ from the previous colleagues not only electronic innovations, but also ease of management. Here to you both smoother course, and absence of leaps, both additional heating, and convenient salon.

- In additives to all other, they surprisingly warm! - Galina has added. - and noise from them it is not enough. By the way, at us such trams go on marshrutut 15.

While such cars on all city four though in the power future plan to continue updating of tram park.