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Has found the husband at PTA meeting

Lena and Vyacheslav snchala have sat down for one school desk, then together have gone to a registry office.

Girlfriends already advised for a long time 27 - to summer Elena Tajkinoj to get divorced. For ten years of matrimonial life the husband - the drunkard has extended from it all juice.

- Throw, you it, Lenka, - chorus they repeated, - it after all and you, and children will ruin. You will find to yourself the muzhik good!

Where I will find it? On work - in shop of female footwear? So muzhiks there only with wives under the handle come, - Lena sadly reflected, sitting at PTA meeting at the child, - and to whom I am necessary with two children, without own habitation?

I will throw, I it, to hell! I will take away a daughter, I will rent apartment. Let will sink in the vodka! - Vyacheslav Tselovalnikov has spitefully thought about the wife and has felt, as for a rage cheeks have flared. Vyacheslav furtively was lop-sided on the neigbour in a school desk - mum Anzheliki Tajkinoj: a leah has noticed it? But that hasty wrote down something in a notebook.

on a skating rink

Elena Tajkina adored Meetings to go on meetings to a daughter - pervoklashke.

Teacher Olga Petrovna Govorsky for each PTA meeting scripted! Sometimes it was the dramatized representation, sometimes mums and fathers invited to a skating rink. All was put on amicably by the fads and remembered the childhood.

By the end of the year parents, children and the teacher all feasts spent together. In campaigns - together.   For nine educational months all so strongly got used to each other that in summer vacations started to miss an amicable parental brotherhood. Lena Tajkina too missed.

And it is most on the neighbour in a school desk, Vyacheslav -   to the father   Alyonki Tselovalnikovoj. Carries some! - with envy Lena, - for such man, probably, as behind a stone wall " thought;.

On the first ambassador of summer vacations PTA meeting Lena has taken the habitual place in the second number. Vyacheslav was not, and near to Lena the parent of the brand new boy has taken seat. In ten minutes on a class threshold has arisen   Vyacheslav with a bouquet of cherry roses.

- Excuse, but this my place, - is confident   he was converted to the newcomer. That has with astonishment looked at the next absolutely empty school desk and, is puzzled   having shrugged shoulders, has changed on an empty seat.

is to you! - Vyacheslav, being confused,   has stretched   to Lena a bunch of flowers.

all class has come To a registry office

- And further all was started turning, as in good   Cinema, - Lena, - we already more never   remembers; left. Took in a mortgage three-room apartment, have made repair, for girls of Anzheliki and Alena have issued a cheerful nursery. Then   Glory has opened the manufacture. With it, really, it has appeared not terribly.

- See you with Lena it seemed to me that anything good in life any more will not be, - Vyacheslav, - Lenka   speaks; at first   cried, from that that   I to it pour tea or slippers I submit, could not believe that of it care.

the Ex-husband of Lena any time made the life of them miserable, but has soon lagged behind. And Vyacheslav`s former wife has died of drunkenness.

Last summer Vyacheslav and Lena have celebrated a wedding. All parents of a class,   there have gathered; and teacher Olga Petrovna Govorsky was the host .

By the way, in city department of education of Olga Govorsky are proud, it the unique teacher in Magnitogorsk which spends nonconventional PTA meetings. At school to it designate the governor`s grant. And the honorary academician of Russian Open Society Shalva Amonashvili is literally one week ago has invited Olga   to work to Moscow. But colleagues are not going to release it anywhere. Who then will connect lonely hearts? It is said that Vyacheslav and Elena not unique who has found each other at its PTA meeting.

Class rukovoditelnitsa Olga Petrovna Govorsky (in the centre) was the host on wedding of parents of the pupils.