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To whom stirs the school schedule?

in last number we published the reporting that city schools from - for wrong schedules are overloaded by lessons ( Novosibirsk schoolboys learn long? ) . Here that our readers about it think.

At us never do all in time. At first children studied under old schedules, and now, a heat of academic year, them force to be reconstructed. It is wrong.
as a result all - taki is not clear, our children at schools

Irina Vechnikova, Novosibirsk will study how long.

At last - that will put things in order at schools... How the child will think, if the seventh lesson put mathematics? And it is a lot of there nareshaet?

Vasily Dubrov, Novosibirsk.

And me, to the contrary, it was pleasant, when there were coupled lessons: one writing-book to bear and teachers earlier on half an hour released. And now, probably, it is necessary to sit to the last. And more I will not understand, what for main recesses, it is better to fade faster home.

Oleg Mamontov, Novosibirsk, 11 - j a class.

the Main thing that have in due time started to check the schedule Year educational almost comes to an end, and experts only have regained consciousness. I at all do not understand, what for put on seven lessons, same huge loading on schoolboys

Veronica Zhurova, Novosibirsk.