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The singer of a flamenco David Sorroche: « In Siberia I will search to myself for the bride! »

movements precisely razor, perfect music and singing cut air melodies in which were weaved fire, passion and love force heart to fight in beat... Such sensation that anything is more perfect than this dance you did not see in life. And all is indelible a flamenco performed by the Spaniards David Sorroche, Horhe Sanchez and Victor Castro who have arrived with tours in novosibirsk.

David, Horhe and Victor - friends since the childhood: they have got acquainted, when it was all for 6 years. Guys studied   at the same school in the Spanish city of Granada, then together at music school have started to be engaged in a flamenco.

- Priorities at us were defined as - that at once: Horhe began to learn to play flamenco melodies a guitar, Victor - to dance a flamenco, and I was engaged in singing, - David Sorroche tells.

to Appear on stage the well-known Spaniards have begun very much early: To guys was all for 18 years when all Spain knew about them already.

- At first we very much were afraid to step on the stage, but we received the present high, because, than we are engaged, therefore even   if not always at all of us it turned out, we precisely knew that favourite business we will not throw, - Horhe Sanchez has shared.

Now masters of a flamenco already learn to the art of children from all Spain so on time rehearsal katostroficheski does not suffice.

- Happened that we did not rehearse the whole month, - Victor Castro admits. - but we so already know each other that we can make up quickly for all literally for 2 hours of rehearsals.

Is at children and the trade secrets: for example, to play a guitar very fast melodies, Horhe Sanchez before each rehearsal kneads fingers usual gymnastics, and David Sorroche always since morning warms up.

- But the most important thing is to dance, sing and play from heart, after all even if you will be mistaken, but it will go with all the heart,   that the spectator will forgive you. And if you frankly bungle, anything good does not leave, - guys are assured.

To Russia, and in particular to Novosibirsk, guys have arrived also with the person mission - to find to itself brides.

- it is more beautiful than Russian women is not present all over the world, and we guys young and single so yet we will not find to themselves in Russia brides, home will not return, - David Sorroche laughs.

It is a pity only that to Novosibirsk girls, most likely, and not udastsja to win hearts of children: after all probodut the well-known Spaniards at us only three days, and then will go with tours to Moscow.