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In Omsk the teenager has run away from the careless mummy

- Mum again to drink the beginnings. I do not want to live with it! - with tears in the face of told to militiamen 13 - summer Roma Begma.

Mother of the boy did not watch the child. It easy could to forget about Rum and to leave in a monthly hellbender. The teenager has been given to itself. It starved often and simply wandered on streets.

One year ago his mother already tried to solve the parental rights. On judicial sessions it did not come. But then suddenly has unexpectedly appeared.

- I will be corrected! I love the little son, - the woman sobbed.

- Mum will be good! She to me new has bought a hat, - Romka has told.

Then to mummy have believed. First two months she indeed cared of the son. Even has got a job. But has then returned to a habitual way of life.

- I when Romku has seen, so hardly feelings has not lost! - The head of sector of department of revealing, the account and the device of children without parental support on the Kirov district Ekaterina USINA speaks. - I remember its pink-checked boy, And here. I look, absolutely thin became.

Now the child have placed in a foster home. There it has received that warmly of which native mother could not give it. And the guardianship department now will bring an action again documents that mother of the boy have deprived of the parental rights.

But Romka for itself has already solved all.

-   In a new family it is pleasant to me. I have new friends, and to mum I   I will not return any more!  

From the author

the Described case far not the first and, to the enormous regret, not last in our city. Wildly, when mothers force the children to escape from the house. Even more awfully when children simply leave in the street. About a similar case we wrote one week ago. The department of education of Omsk reports that the number of foster homes every year grows. But, allow, where then the present parents? Why they refuse the children?

Figures in a subject

In Omsk and area:
112 children are nurtured in foster homes
900 children live in children`s homes and children`s homes
2 648 - are nurtured by trustees

According to department of education of Omsk for January, 1st, 2008.