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The nine-year girl was lost, going for a drive from a mount

Tragedy has happened on country base of rest “ Zaimka “ that near Khabarovsk. Here with 50 - a metre hill, children and adults constantly go for a drive. Nearby - hire tjubingov - so adaptations for this winter entertainment are called.

9 - summer Alena B., the girl from Red Small river, too went for a drive with friends. However, as usual. The children stood in a queue with the tjubingami, expecting, while sannyj descent will be released. An unhappy minute Alena has decided to bypass turn. Also has moved down from descent not there, where usually. And - directly towards to the man who rose on a mount. And tjubing instantly develops mad speed - to 60 kilometres per hour.

From collision the man has fainted, and the girl, having hit, has taken off from the inflatable wheel. And further has swept on an ice slope, hitting about hummocks.

  Fast has arrived an hour later. Physicians have told that cannot help - the specialised brigade is necessary. The specialised brigade has arrived still through an hour and a half. Alain`s all this time was without consciousness. She has not recovered consciousness and in hospital.

In resuscitation the girl have connected to the volume ventilator. But the diagnosis “ crisis of the basis of a skull and a heavy bruise of a brain “ has sounded, as a sentence.

- the Whole week we did everything that could. Also believed in a miracle, - Andrey ESIPENKO the doctor - the neurosurgeon of the second clinical hospital speaks. - but to rescue the girl and it was not possible. And it any more the first tragedy on a hill from the beginning of year. One week earlier after driving from a mount on a hospital cot there was a six-year boy. And too was lost. Two more children have transferred the hardest operations. Such boom of traumas after driving from a mount I did not see for ten years of work in clinic.

Serious traumas on a hill - a giant of Zaimki happened and earlier. Last year the girl - habarovchanka after such attraction remained the invalid.

- And I go for a drive on this hill two years and, fie - fie, anything, terrible, only varezhki lost, - tenth-grader Ivan Sorokin speaks. - but when one of these days here the little girl has broken, at me directly heart has missed a bit. All - taki is horrible. Only the hill does not release is such adrenaline!

Responsible for  destruction of the child is not present. As have explained in Office of Public Prosecutor, it is not known, against whom and for what to file criminal charges in a similar case. After all in our country there are no standards, the ice slope should be how equipped.

Near to atraktsionom the board on which it is possible to read instructions for use a hill and tjubingom is established. Only nobody reads these rules.