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Those who eats on 4,5 roubles, name vagabonds

On Friday, on February, 8th, we have published a material   how feed children in a school dining room ( a leah It is possible for the schoolboy to eat well on 4,5 roubles? ) . Here that our readers think of it.

Larissa Medvedev, mum of the sixth-grader:
- Certainly, on 4,5 roubles especially you do not sing. We weekly hand over on 90 roubles. The son says that those who eats on the money allocated with the state, schoolboys name vagabonds

Irina Vasnetsova, the bookkeeper:
- My son basically eats snekami and sandwiches. That give for additional 15 - 20 roubles, he does not eat. Says that tastelessly prepare!

Natalia Odintsov, the manager:
- I raise money for dinners - once a month we hand over on 300 roubles. I have not felt special changes - both covered a table, and cover, and those who would eat on 4,5 roubles, at our school, on - to mine, no. I consider that is better this money would give to those who cannot pay itself for a high-grade dinner, after all a roll with tea will not be especially full!

Olga Vorontsova, the doctor:
- Me the new system completely arranges, and it is pleasant to a daughter. It at first went to a dining room to have dinner. It did not like meal, therefore has absolutely ceased to eat at school, and now though has a little a snack.

Galina, the reader of a site:
- One acquaintance the principal lies in hospital with heart attack. With surcharge introduction on a food crowds have started to go to school checking, to weigh a portion and to consider calories. It is normal?

Nikolay Novikov, the deputy   Legislative Assembly:
- a Food of schoolboys it is valid a problem. Dinners for 4,5 roubles it not to solve and that everything ate, not to reach. Children from needy families refuse free dinners with pride that beggars did not name. And those who from provided, do not want to eat that prepare in a dining room, - is tasteless. At schools there are no cooks - professionals (the salary not that), and the kitchen equipment is worn strongly out.