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In militia field investigators - hypnotists minister?

- However, never these children I saw, simply hearings went that they are, - my vis-a-vis admitted. - if it is truth - how much I then wood-grouses has opened!

And last week it was possible to get acquainted with novosibirtsem Leonid Pugachevym - it was presented by the folk healer, the parapsychologist. Has called in edition on perfect, apparently, to a trifling occasion:

- I can open show secrets Fight of psychics . Because when - that learnt teachers, students and militiamen to hypnosis and jasnovideniju, - after these words we and have met.

It has appeared that Leonid Jakovlevich studied in hypnosis at Volf Messinga and which - what knowledge even has passed simple people. Including - and to militiamen.

is was in the city of Nerjungri when one of my schoolgirls has helped to find the fisherman whom could not find week. After it Has seen the guy who comes back home on poputke, me have invited to talk in bodies, - Leonid PUGACHEV remembers. -   I have agreed to train militiamen to hypnosis elements, have typed group

Where psychics in epaulets now work, it is precisely not known. Two, according to Leonid Jakovlevicha, have promoted (opened any business!) Also have got over to Moscow. But Pugachev has willingly told, to that them learnt.

- Skin vision, hypnosis, jasnovidenie in a self-hypnosis status - the doctor - the parapsychologist has listed. - which - what secrets I can open. For example, on interrogations the field investigator should look continuously in the right pupil of the criminal. And an equal, quiet voice to convince him that will not beat, and only will ship in a status of a hypnotic dream. Even if hypnosis will not be possible, the person will have a confidence that it was hypnotised. And he will tell all!

So it or not - to find out difficult enough. In the Department of Internal Affairs of Novosibirsk on a question on psychics in epaulets have only burst out laughing. And to find people whom there is no time studied in hypnosis at Pugacheva, it was not possible to find It is a pity, to tell the truth: if field investigators - clairvoyants not an invention, that, for example, has put the hunter on moths Which has killed not less than 17 - ti girls, it would be easily possible to open for pair - a three hypnotic sejansov

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