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Alexander Mihajlovich SHPAKOV: UK ZHilishchnik 6 plans to repair this year 28 houses

In called omichi from different disctricts of the city. And those who is served by these UK, and those who uses other organisations. The general director of a management company ZHilishchnik 6 has answered questions of readers to Technical needs will make recalculation

- Hello, my name is Marina. I live in Kirovsk district, is dissatisfied with the company. You take new houses on service?

- The matter is that houses which we serve, are in area the Blue spark - from Irtysh to street of Kuibyshev and from Lermontov`s street to Mayakovsky`s street. So you from us are far. You need to choose UK which works in your district. At first it is necessary to terminate the contract with the former company. Also talk to inhabitants of houses who serve other organisations, listen to their responses and on this basis make a choice.

On a broader scale, such practice is. For example, recently to us inhabitants of one of houses with whom the former company did not arrange were converted. We have concluded with them the contract, we will soon give papers on registration.

- Maxim Kurganov calls. At me a question on a line Technical needs . Who should supervise indicators obshchedomovogo the counter? For example, in our house on the ground floor there is a shop. How they will pay the consumed electric power and how we will supervise them?

- in It the management company should be engaged. By the way, now on this question the time - a miss for three months is taken. From the person in a month on illumination at an entrance seven watt and if there is a lift, then fourteen watt undertakes.

- Look, it turns out that for three the person leaves 57 roubles if in the house there is a lift. And to us have brought the receipt on 83 roubles.

- So at you costs obshchedomovoj the counter! There power have offered another payment forms. And your sum is yet a limit.
at us in one of houses which we serve, to two inhabitants of two-room apartment have shown for payment 350 roubles. And on the ground floor in the house are shop and other tenants. And they too pay the electric power. In general, representatives of the Omsk power marketing company have not quite correctly arrived. But they have apologised and have withdrawn receipts. So to pay them it is not necessary. Subsequently recalculation will be made.

There are cases when the court yard, parking place or a hockey box is shined. And it is natural, someone should pay for it. But the decision on it is accepted at meeting of tenants.

Inhabitants too should pay for major repairs

- Good afternoon, he is Nikolay Gennadevich Tarasov. I live in the house under K.Marx`s prospectus, 33. At us now change a roof. I who is the customer and the contractor of these works can learn? Also it would be desirable to look at the contract.

- your house has not chosen a way of management, but it is on our service. Roof major repairs are not finished yet. The contractor is Omsk - grazhdanstroj the customer - TSentrzhilservis .
it is possible to look at the Contract at last organisation.

- I still wanted to receive the information under items of expenses and that money which I have paid within 2007.

- Without problems! Come to us   - and we will give all to you.

- Thanks, good-bye!

is Oksana to you has phoned. Tell, and what it is necessary to make that our house has got to the federal program on habitation major repairs?

- And you have chosen a way of management?

- Still is not present, we are served by municipality.

- While you will not choose a way of management - and it can be a management company or TSZH, - to count on the help of the state it is not necessary. Such is the law. Our management company now prepares documents, and the list of repaired houses in municipal economy department is already passed. 28 houses for 2008 there have entered, also we will form demands for the next years.
by the way, not less from the repair sum inhabitants should bring than 5 %. For example, inhabitants of the house along the street Sezdovsky, 41 on the average should pay for repair on 300 roubles. The exact sum depends on the apartment area: than it is more - that above a payment.

If the lift and a refuse chute do not work - you should not for them pay

is you Maria Sergeevna disturbs. I in a pantry have a sewer pipe. It is in an emergency status. To me it free of charge should change or not?

is a work of a capital kind. You have chosen a management company, have concluded with it the service contract?

- Yes.

- the Pipe concerns the general property of the house. You can achieve that pipe replacement have included in the operating repair plan. On your house the personal account is opened. From the rent which you pay, 15,8 % from the sum go on the similar purposes.

- At me still gates have rusted. To me them too will free of charge change?

- Unfortunately, no. They do not concern the general property. Borders of responsibility of the serving organisation - to the cutting gate. And the gate and everything that is behind it, is your property, and you for it respond. So it is necessary to pay for this service.

- For work kommunalshchikov too?

- Yes, certainly.

- Good afternoon,   at me a question on payment of illumination of the lift and refuse chute work. Neither the lift, nor a refuse chute already long time do not work, and in the receipt the line for these services is!

- to you should make recalculation as services were not given. And money should return since that moment as you have ceased to use these services.

is Nechaeva Jeanne Anatolevna calls. I live in Kirovsk district. We had in the house a boiler. And the management company about it has not warned me. Should UK inform tenants on occurrence of the similar heating device in a cellar and payment change? At us in 2006 a boiler have put. After that there was a confusion with payment - we have run into debt to the Water canal.

- Certainly, this serious omission. Before starting a boiler in operation, the management company should inform in any image tenants on it: to hang up on an entrance the announcement, to hold meeting. And certainly to explain, how payment will change.

with UK it is not necessary to co-ordinate Installation of devices of the account

is from street to Brotherly, 19 you call. On December, 15th we ostensibly had meeting TSZH. On it there were 15 persons, and in the report is fixed 98. The juggling of the facts Is available. What to do?

- the register should be enclosed To the report present on meeting. And only by a majority of votes - more - it is possible to make than 50 % of inhabitants any decision. If all has occurred how you describe, it is illegal.
However, there is a possibility   correspondence voting: when all apartments and people on special sheet bypass vote for or against something, put number and undersign.

- At us 210 apartments in the house. How you consider, what should be the salary at our chairman TSZH?

is from you depends. If you want, that the competent person and to pay to it operated it is necessary more.

- Our chairman receives 16 thousand roubles.

- the Salary worthy, at me 150 houses and the salary of 15 thousand roubles.

- But our chairman in a week works only two hours per Monday and two on Thursday!

- you have a charter where all duties of workers TSZH register. The chairman should report to you for the done work.

- At us it already the third chairman. And any normally did not work. The dispatcher is not present, to the chairman not to phone!

- TSZH is a progressive form of government. And if you are dissatisfied with something - raise the question about mistrust to the chairman.
- hello, my name is Anna. Prompt how to co-ordinate with a management company installation of devices of the account on water in apartment?

- the Special permission to it it is not necessary. You choose firm which renders the given service. They count up cost of works. And if you come to a mutual consent representatives of this firm come - to agree to us about time of disconnect of water. The dispatcher writes down, in how much it to disconnect and in how much to include.

the Only thing, on what it is necessary to pay attention: the firm should have a corresponding licence that then employees of the Water canal have sealed up the account device. After that the statement, and further water supply is drawn up paid for the counter.

who else still had questions, wait to the address: street Rabkorovsky, 1.
Phones: (3812 311 - 403 - a reception, 310 - 045 - a dispatching office.