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The Irkutsk dog participated in « to the Ski track of Russia »

90 - the summer participant - irkutjanka Ariadna Ryazantsev and Vladimir Yakubovsky. A photo of the author.

on February, 10th in Irkutsk, as well as across all Russia, there has passed the All-Russia cross-country. For participation were registered more than 15,500 persons. Weather was the real, Siberian: air temperature - 20 degrees   and severo - the western wind. But skiers, without paying attention to a cold, sang and danced.
start Ski tracks of Russia - 2008 was mass. Someone has directed to finish to get to number of prize-winners, someone participated as a hobby. Among the last was Ariadna Ryazantsev by which in July of this year 90 years will be executed.
- I everyone winter, in any weather, ski, - Ariadna Georgievna has told, - I do not understand all these colds and problems with pressure, it is necessary to be engaged in sports, and all will be good.

Participants was much, but we have noticed also absolutely unusual the skier - a dog of Archi to which the mistress has put on number a back and has run with a dog on a ski track. Barbos after jog with pleasure posed for

Ernest and Yaroslav - the most young skiers of Irkutsk. A photo of the author.