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13 000 Siberians became skiers

Race of 2014 metres

On this of enough small distance devoted to the Olympic Games in Sochi, we took part vipy. On Sunday have put on skis the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky, the champion of Turin Anna Bogaly - Titovets and other known persons.

As a result of the most severe struggle by the first to finish have come Alexander Tropnikov (the world champion on biathlon of 1992) and certainly Anna Bogaly - Titovets which not so long ago have won the higher Olympic award in Turin.

- so it is pleasant To me, - has shared impressions Anna. - I will run today also 10 kilometres in the pleasure. Impressions weight!

the Main prize has left in Linevo.
Race on 5 kilometres of the young man

guys left the First on start is not more senior sixteen years. For the first place of struggle it has not turned out. As well as last year the main prize and a cup has taken away with itself in Linevo Dmitry Salnikov.

- the Lie tell! - the champion was indignant. - competitors was much!, till now finish. Simply I was best prepared. Also do not look that I finished with the big separation. It is simple to me trainers of a ski have in a fantastic way greased. Slid in the pleasure, moreover and has defeated!

the Second and third places on this distance have occupied Egor Karelin from Nerjungri and Evgenie Virovoj from this Linevo.

Girls were brought by hills.
Race on 5 kilometres of the girl

the Distance in small town Akadem not such and simple. For this reason many little girls, going down from the next hill, were not kept and got. Those who has appeared more successfully and has not fallen, has somewhat quicker gone round competitors and has had time to come off. The first on finish Malikova Tatyana who is the representative of Novosibirsk ski school has come. Behind it finishing line have crossed Xenia Krasnov from Linevo and Nastja Moskalenko from Novosibirsk.

- I have defeated! - the winner of race joyfully cried out. - Next year I too will bypass all, so start to train right now is better.

Santa Claus has appeared the fastest
Race of 10 kilometres at men

Race at men on a long distance it has appeared not only the most intense, but also the most entertainment. On start of all a certain mister who shocked all participants with the form, to be exact its absence has surprised! Despite that the thermometer showed - 18 the sportsman left on a ski track in one shorts and in number. Skiers driving by with surprise considered the odd fellow, and it only overtook persecutors.

Also finishing line of this distance has crossed itself the Frost Is put. We have decided to take an interest at grandfathers as it has managed to go in for sports.

- Today I Father Frost, and in last race was the usual participant, - has dispelled a myth novosibirets. - My masquerade is devoted two events. In - the first, 2008 - oh year leap, and in - the second, this year Russians will choose the new president. So I have decided to note these two events. I very much liked to go today in a suit so I and next year will think up something.

Race of 10 kilometres at women

As well as is necessary, girls have passed all of 10 kilometres confidently and easy. However, on finish one participant has opened a secret, what not all sportswomen have fairly driven all distance.

Three Tatyanas.

- Many impudently cut off on dangerous pieces, - the skier was indignant. - how much I did not shout and did not persuade - vainly. Ran who in
the smallest skier.
that is ready! Personally I have decided not to bungle and at all did not cut off. So in it I already consider myself as the winner!

On a victorious pedestal there were three Tatyanas: On the first step Tatyana Chernousova, on the second Tatyana Moroz and on the third Tatyana Chugaeva.

By the way

Two-year Artem Simentsovich became the winner on a distance in one kilometre. And among babes on the same site four-year Victoria Kazakova has defeated. To children have handed over sweet prizes and small skis that continued to train.

Vladimir Gorodetsky too could not pass such action.

Such odd fellows you will meet seldom...